Mobile App Developer Glasgow 2023

What is the cost of hiring a mobile app developer in Glasgow?

On average, expect to pay between £10,000 and £100,000. It all depends on how complex the mobile app is.

* Average cost to develop an app in Scotland 2023

Type of appTime to developCost


3-6 months



6-10 months



10+ months


What is the cost of creating an app?

Apps are affordable. It's not the engineering, design and knowledge that make them so expensive. You'll find over a million apps in the App store. Many of these apps were created by amateur developers and will not earn any money.

Is it really difficult to create an app?

It's a fact that building an app requires a lot of technical training.

This question can be answered by first defining what "app" is. Apps that are not good will be deleted. It is relatively simple to create another basic app, with obsolete features and useless functionality.

How difficult is it to create a profitable app that makes a return on investment? It is extremely difficult and not many people have the skills to do it.

What is the average time it takes to make an app?

It depends on the complexity of your app. The average answer is 4-6 months.

Mobile App Development Glasgow 2023: Costs

Technology has revolutionised the way businesses and the world work. Many businesses use mobile apps to give customers access to all the information they need. Bill Gates once said, "If your company doesn't operate on mobiles your business won't survive."

We compiled statistics with Erbo Glasgow, one the most prominent app developers in Glasgow. These statistics show why mobile apps are essential for businesses to survive and thrive. According to Statista, there were 3.5 million smartphone owners in 2020. This number will rise to 3.8million users in 2023 according to Statista.

According to the survey, smartphone users spend 90% of their time using apps. Buildfire also reported that 21% of smartphone users launch apps more than 50 times per day. This compares to 49% who launch apps more than 11 times per days.

An article in The Manifest highlighted the dominance of social media apps. These few examples show how important apps are for all kinds of businesses. Global businesses offer many products and services online and via mobile apps. Businesses have the chance to communicate with their customers in an innovative way and on an ongoing basis.

Surprisingly only 42% have created an application, and 30% intend to. There are many questions you may have if you're one of the 30% who are considering investing in a mobile app development project. These questions will be addressed in detail by app developers in Glasgow. However, it is important to realise that pricing can be affected by many factors. There is no way to estimate the cost of a project. Erbo's mobile app developers shared some tips so that you can get a better idea about the cost of hiring a developer to build a business app by 2023.

What is the cost of hiring a mobile app developer?

When hiring a mobile app developer, there are two main factors to consider: the budget you have allocated for the project and the price the developer will charge for their services. A professional mobile app developer with experience, knowledge and skills is a wise choice. This is true regardless of whether you are building a new app or upgrading an existing one. Let's now consider the complex factors that impact costs when developing mobile apps in Glasgow.

Mobile App Development Platforms
There are three types of platforms: Android, iOS, and hybrid. The cost of developing mobile apps in Glasgow is influenced by the operating platforms. It is important that you know that a native app must be developed for each platform. This will reduce development time and increase budget. A survey by GoodFirms revealed that the average cost to hire a mobile app developer on both iOS and Android platforms is $1,007. If you are looking to create an app that works across all platforms, even though the quality and performance will be lower, it will still work better for your budget to develop a cross-platform, hybrid app.

Searching for a Mobile App Developer
There are many options when it comes to developing a mobile app. There are many technologies to choose from before development can begin. You need to choose the right technology, pick a framework and select a programming language. However, the developer is responsible for the success of any mobile app. Developers are responsible for creating unique apps and making them user-friendly. Different skillsets are available to app developers in Glasgow, which can impact the cost.

Location is Important When Hiring an App Developer
The cost of hiring an app developer may be affected by the location. It is easy to see that mobile app developers have been hired in India, Australia and Russia. However, there are some disadvantages.

Outsourcing software development can lead to lower app quality. A recent survey found that 60% of respondents believe offshore app developers generally deliver "low quality" apps. Another 20% think the overall quality of the app is "very low".

Collaboration issues: Working with an app development company in another nation means that you have to work around differences in time zones, culture, language, and culture. Miscommunications and frustration can result from one or more of these factors.

Copyright Theft is another potential drawback to outsourcing. Before you choose an app development partner, research theaws inour coun try.

Loss of control: Outsourcing can lead to the loss of control over the development, management, and data analysis of your mobile app.

Complexities in App Development
App requirements will vary depending on the size and type of your business. Mobile app development projects in Glasgow can take anywhere from one to six months. Sometimes, however, this time frame may be extended. Mobile app development involves many factors, such as design, ideas and features. Consider the primary purpose of your mobile app. This will help you to narrow down your requirements faster, as well as provide insight into the different phases, technologies, methodologies and timeframes that may be required for the project. App development in Glasgow will take you less time and cost you less.

Different Types of Mobile App Development
Costs can be affected by the type of app development. There are many types of apps, including simple, database, messaging and enterprise, as well as social networking, gaming, and social networking. These apps will be dominant in the 2023 industries and businesses.

It is worth noting that an Apple app developer will usually cost more than one who works in Glasgow. This is due to the advanced nature and features of the iOS Apple platform. App development and testing can be time-consuming. This is why it is important to consider this when you hire a mobile app developer in Glasgow.

Which company is best for developing mobile apps?

If your app is for Android or iOS, you may want to search locally for a reliable and affordable mobile app development company. This may not be enough to narrow your search as there are only a few developers available in Glasgow. Erbo Glasgow offers key tips to help you narrow down your search. Consider the size of the team, the history and reviews of company. You can also look into the company profile to learn more about the types of projects they are most comfortable with, and their past work history. Companies such as Erbo Glasgow are more reliable if they have been around for a while. It is important to establish a clear communication channel during the project. This includes knowing who will be available, how they will communicate, the expected project progress reports and when engineers will be available.

Design is another important aspect to think about. UX/UI design is a key component of any app. This will keep users engaged and interested. It is important to consult a local team of mobile app developers who are experts in this field. Aside from privacy agreements, you should also discuss pricing, payment methods, and any additional fees or charges. It is important to understand that the app will not contain bugs and be thoroughly tested before it is released in order to avoid extra development costs.

What is the final cost of mobile app development?

This question is a common one among all businesses, large and small, both start-ups and established enterprises. The final cost of developing a mobile app in Glasgow depends on many factors. It varies from one business to the next. These points will help you narrow down your requirements and help you calculate a rough estimate. You can look at the top mobile apps to help you calculate the cost. You can start by looking for an app that accurately represents your business. Its features, functionality, complexity, tech stack, as well as other factors that are important in mobile app development should be taken into consideration. This will help you to determine the cost of an app with similar features.

This equation is helpful: Features x Development Time + Hourly Rate of Developer = Final Cost. It is important to keep in mind that the hourly rate of a developer varies depending on their expertise and skill set. As a rule of thumb, app development costs in Glasgow can start at £10,000 to £40,000. As more features and functionalities are added to the app, the price will rise.

Final Thoughts

It will help you navigate the process of developing an app. Finding the right app developer or company is the hardest part of the process. There are many options available in Glasgow. This article will help you narrow down your options and reach your long-term goals. Although the exact cost of app development is not known, it will be easier to identify the right developers and the requirements for each aspect.

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